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Buy a spanking (in more ways than one) new signed copy of LBB 3 from us and get a signed print of your choice FREE!
We're commemorating the publication of the third volume of our Little Black Book with a--"kickass" isn't quite the word--let's say "rocking" free print offer.

Our prints are 8.5" X 11" (with image areas in the 7" X 9" range), and not officially limited (although if we ever have to produce even close to 500 of any one image, we'll be stunned into unconsciousness).

But each print is lovingly handcrafted via Epson inkjet on heavy photo stock, and--here's the interesting part--signed by both Steve and Rich.

It's true: Rich (the pencil guy) does many conventions, and will autograph a hamster if it has an F&L connection--so his signature is virtually worthless.

But Steve (the mysterious, wildly talented airbrush guy), is almost always hidden away in a dusty corner of our studio, poring over volumes of forgotten lore and painting his eyes out.

It's the inclusion of his rarely seen John Hancock that makes our prints very close to worth the mildly annoying effort it takes to obtain them.

There's more.

As Devo sings, freedom of choice is what you want--and with our LBB3 free print offer, freedom of choice is what you got.

You can select your print from among any of the images (just a few of which are shown here) on our Prints page OR our three Originals pages. (Signed prints of images from our Originals pages are ONLY available with this offer.)

That's 48 images from which to choose.

And more still: since the gold pens will already be fired up, we'll sign your copy of LBB 3 as well! That's twice as many F&L signatures as you'll ever find useful!

Here's the deal: ordered from us, LBB 3 is $10, plus $5 s&h (we ship in re-enforced packaging by Priority Mail).

Ordinarily, our prints are $10 each--but with this offer, the print of your choice is signed, slipcased, and carefully added to the package at no extra charge.

To sum up (for those who, like us, are products of the American educational system): you get both a spanking (in more ways than one) new signed copy of Little Black Book 3, plus a signed F&L print of your choice shipped directly to you--a $25 value--for $15.

Yes, we're out of our minds--and we're passing the savings along to you.

Here's the mildly annoying part.

We're not set up for Paypal or any of its equivalents, or credit cards.

If you want to avail yourself of our LBB3 free print offer, here's what you have to do:

1--Go to our Prints and/or Originals and/or Originals 2 or 3 pages. Select an image for your free print. Note the name.

2--Write YOUR name and address and the name of the image on a sheet of paper.

3--Make a personal check or money order for $15.00 payable to Steve Fastner.

(For your protection, we advise against sending cash. But if you do, and it makes it to us, we'll of course send you your stuff.)

4--Put everything in an envelope and send it to:


LBB3 Print

c/o Fastner & Larson

PO Box 580560

Minneapolis, MN 55458


That's it. If you're paying by personal check, you'll get your book and print in 10-14 days. If by money order, in about a week.

This offer is good outside the US as well, but at an additional charge. Please email us for details:

Steve has developed a nagging cough of late, so there may never be a better time to get his signature! Order LBB 3 from us and get your free signed print today!


Little Black Book Vol. 3 features fifty rarely seen and never published images, including 22 fully painted pages created especially for two new stories in this issue.

Comic book covers, digital art, unpublished Marvel portfolio plates, the toothsome Widow Grueson and a bevy of babes fantastiques--this is F&L chicanery at its drollest--and most indispensable.


Fastner & Larson's Little Black Book, Volume 3, published by SQP, Inc. 48 pp., color, $10.




The Worst is Yet to Come 

Three Views

Over for Dinner

 Soft Betrayal

 Sweet Sound

Devil Dog 

Above the Canals 



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