We've created some comic stories over the years, and we thought you might enjoy revisiting a few online. If you're seeing these for the first time, you might be interested to know that the books in which they originally appear also contain a selection of our paintings, drawings and sketches, as well as a fair amount of what passes -- in our world -- for trenchant commentary. They're available here.

9/1/17 -- Charlton Comics was notorious for low page rates, but they also pretty much allowed artists a free hand (although not as free as the hand in The Hand) in illustrating their various ghost stories. Rich, based on his skill set at the time, may have been the only contributor they actually overpaid. Here's Rich's first story for Charlton, from a script by local cartoonist, writer and fan Charlie Smith.

Timely Conclusion p.1

Timely Conclusion p.2

Timely Conclusion p.3

Timely Conclusion p.4

Timely Conclusion p.5

Timely Conclusion p.6

Timely Conclusion p.7

4/20/11 -- Because we believe in aesthetic multipurposefulness -- and because we're kind of lazy -- we took an already-existing study for the Little Black Book 3 cover art, built the story "Curiosity Box" around it, and used the study in the story itself. Although Rich was less than successful at keeping the girls on model with the source material, "CB" retains the familiar tasteless charm that keeps us from forging a mainstream career. Your narrators are the widow Grueson and her cremated (but still voluble) hubby, Gore. Marker & airbrush by Steve, for LBB 3.

Curiosity Box p.1

Curiosity Box p.2

Curiosity Box p.3

Curiosity Box p.4

Curiosity Box p.5

Curiosity Box p.6

Curiosity Box p.7

Curiosity Box p.8

Curiosity Box p.9

Curiosity Box p.10

Curiosity Box p.11

Curiosity Box p.12

Here are a couple of additional stories from our Little Black Book series. Rich drew and inked these on paper, and Steve colored them digitally. "Alienated" is from LBB Vol.1:

Alienated p.1
Alienated p.2
Alienated p.3

Alienated p.4

Alienated p.5

Alienated p.6

"Cursed Kiss" is from LBB Vol.2. It was also drawn and inked on paper, scanned into Photoshop, and digitally colored.

Cursed Kiss p.1

Cursed Kiss p.2

Cursed Kiss p.3

Cursed Kiss p.4

Cursed Kiss p.5

Cursed Kiss p.6

Cursed Kiss p.7

Cursed Kiss p.8

Cursed Kiss p.9

Cursed Kiss p.10

Cursed Kiss p.11

Everybody loves a heartwarming story of undying romance, and as you can well imagine, this isn't one. "Haunted House of Lingerie" explains the somewhat unusual circumstances Widow Grueson and her cremated (but still feisty) husband Gore -- our narrators of the above tales -- find themselves in. It originally appeared in Haunted House of Lingerie Vol.3.

HHL p.1

HHL p.2

HHL p.3

HHL p.4

HHL p.5

HHL p.6

HHL p.7

HHL p.8

HHL p.9

HHL p.10

HHL p.11

HHL p.12


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