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Galleries are traditionally where artists put their best foot forward--but that's not really how we operate.

The idea here is to give you a general idea of what we've been up to for the last 25 years, so we're going to trot out a little of everything, and let you wander around among the cringe-worthy as well as the sublime (if you can find any of the latter, let us know) at your own pace.

We like at least one aspect of almost everything we've done, and--like guests on Maury Povich--we're ready to share. Rich is planning to show some Charlton ghost story pages that beg the question, "Is there anyone they won't let be a comic book artist?"

So we'll be taking the kitchen sink approach. There won't be a lot of descriptive text up front, but if you have questions about the story behind a particular piece, or just general questions about how we work, feel free to get in touch. Trying to remember will be good for our sclerotic brains.

Picture of Innocence
Hulk & Subby
This Seat's Taken
X-Men v. Magneto
Pittsburgh or Bust
Pincers of Power
Galactic Pirate
Ice Pals
Mars Attacks! (roughs)

Space limitations and/or bloody screaming differences of opinion (for instance: Rich wanted the Mars Attacks! roughs as part of the center spread; Steve insisted that he sober up) required us to leave out a few images we had intended for LBB 3. Since our rallying cry is "no art left behind", we're offering them up here instead.

Four of these pieces were digitally colored, which--at our level of competence, anyway--saves absolutely no time over the traditional method. Our fingers stay cleaner, however.

Under the heading There's a Website for Everything: Wanda is our contribution to an extensive, immaculately presented and ultimately irresistible online gallery of silverfish art. More than a few of these 300+ images are by big name comics guys. You'd expect Fred Hembeck's silverfish to have curly knees, right? It does! Jeff Jones' to be a little work of art? It is! Sure you're creeped out by the concept--but how often do you find Don Maitz and Mike Diana working from the same source material?

To the general betterment of mankind, Steve has done a lot of paintings in which Rich had no part. The cover for The Galactic Pirate, a "choose your own adventure" type story for young readers, is one of them, and we'll have more for you soon.


To see nice big scans of the images from our Art Fantastix/F&L Gallery book, go to, click on Fantasy Art, and then Fastner & Larson.





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