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In the not-too-distant future, we'll be putting up example from our halcyon advertising days: chubby, cereal-eating urchins, and Terry Gilliam-inspired storyboards.

Also, Steve has a non-Rich period, and vice versa, and you'll be seeing more of that stuff as well (starting with Rich's Charlton Comics cover below, and Steve's Galactic Pirate paperback cover on the second Gallery page). Stay tuned.

Eagle God
End of the Decade
Giant Claw (digital)
Ghostly Haunts
Gen 13
Surfer v. Galactus
Monster of the Year
Nuts 2

Steve has always had a hankering to render some of our grayscale portfolio plates in color, and we're unveiling his first couple of takes on this page. The actual printed plates were scanned and then colorized in Photoshop.

We're not sure if the Somali postage stamps shown here will get a parcel to Mogadishu, but they got $7.50 out of us on eBay. We never knew these puppies existed until good friend/art collector Rhett Funk clued us in. We'll let you know when the royalty check shows up.

In the late 80's, we worked with the guys in Overkill (they shred, as the kids say) on a couple of album covers and some t-shirt designs--samples of which we've included above.

The cover art for the Monster of the Year and Nuts 2 paperbacks was designed by Harvey Kurtzman.

We're not 100% certain, but Slaughterdog was most likely our foray into Image-style character design (we know: his head isn't tiny enough).

To see nice big scans of the images from our Art Fantastix/F&L Gallery book, go to, click on Fantasy Art, and then Fastner & Larson.





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