Gallery 6


For his own amusement, Steve occasionally mashes up elements from various existing paintings in Photoshop to create somewhat new compositions. The Summoning and Against the Wall, below, are examples. 

Zom-B Movie


Nice Lady

Forty Whacks V.2 

Against the Wall

Know Your Enemy

Zom-B Movie is Steve's alternative fake movie poster back cover for our ZombieSexual sketchbook. When you're dealing with the undead, these things practically decompose themselves.

Our website tends to be heavy on the babeage, but you can't get much less girly than Frank Zappa in bib overalls. One of Steve's first few paintings, from his sophomore year in high school.

The Nice Lady is, of course, the extremely bindable Phantom Lady; Photoshop background added by Steve for this published (in Beauties & Beasts) version.

Very rarely, Steve will find himself less than thrilled with some aspect of his initial color scheme for a painting, which was the case with this version of Forty Whacks. The altered and published version was the back cover for SQP's Leather & Lace II.

Without the immortal Frazetta, a lot of us (especially us) would probably still be storyboarding lawnmower commercials. Grabber was inspired by his great cover art for the EC comics anthology paperback, Tales from the Crypt.

Caged and Reverie are two plates from our barbarian babes portfolio series.

Rich's favorite part of the convention experience (apart from unlimited free hotel ice) is doing sketches, and he especially likes drawing in collectors' sketchbooks. Audience, cleaned up here and toned by Steve, is one of his rare two page spreads. (For absolutely over-the-top gorgeous con sketch work, check out Marc Shultz's Various Drawings collections.)

At the art director's request, Rich remembers reconfiguring Bill's expression several times on this Bill the Galactic hero cover; it wasn't enough to save the Topps comic book division.


To see nice big scans of the images from our Art Fantastix/F&L Gallery book, go to, click on Fantasy Art, and then Fastner & Larson.





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