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Copyright ain't what it used to be, as evidenced by the the number of sideshow carnies on eBay who'll slap anybody's art on anything and offer it up as a "must-have collectible, strictly limited to the number we can crank out before somebody's lawyer gets in touch with us."

Elsewhere in our gallery, you'll find our commemorative Somali postage stamps (which we actually kind of enjoy). We're anxiously awaiting the first of what will certainly be many royalty checks, which we believe has been in the mail for the last three years.

Below, you'll find the latest must-have, not-endorsed-by-us item, a precision wall clock emblazoned with the immortal F&L "Ouch" girlies. Just a little reminder that any time is the right time for a spanking! 

We like this one, also. We'd be through-the-roof ecstatic about it if some kind of remuneration had occurred -- like maybe a couple of boxes of the item, which we could hand out to relatives when they ask how we justify our continued existence on planet Earth. 

But it didn't, our publisher yelled at the guy, and now it's too late to get one for the Grand Hall in F&L World HQ.  If you happen to know where we could pick one up, let us know.

It's Only a Game

Two Headed

Hulk v. Abomination

Escape From Pain

Bureau 13

The Quest
Ghoul at My Window

Ouch Clock
Steel Cupid


Speaking of our luckless, perennially underdressed Girlies, Ticklish is one of around half a dozen airbrush scenarios
involving one or more of them falling head over high heels into various punishment-related pickles. For those who want to see just how sticky their wickets can get, they're also prominently used (and abused) in Bed & Bondage 1 and 2.

Steel Cupid,
a logo design for the 90s combo Love/Hate, apparently wasn't esthetically sophisticated enough for Jizzy, Skid, and the rest of the boys in the band. The little robot cherub has star power, however, and we'll be featuring him prominently in our next post-apocalyptic love story.

Around the time of their sex-and-violence SF magazine 1984,
we dangled Two-Headed in front of the guys at Warren. They bought other paintings from us; this one was probably a little too tasteful. We probably should've nudged the alien's blaster a bit more in the "Steely Dan" direction.

Escape From Pain is our second of three album covers for Nashville thrash metal gods Intruder, from their 1990 EP of the same name. Intruder's versions of "I'm a Believer" and "25 or 6 to 4" still bring tears to our eyes and blood to our noses.

Every couple of decades or so we assume the burden of topicality
, dealing fearlessly with the, er, burning issues of the day, as a quick click on The Quest (1983) will show. Steve rendered the original in black color pencil and gouache.

Ghoul at My Window is one of our most beloved grayscale marker & airbrush paintings. The pencil drawing appears in Haunted House of Lingerie 2; this version is making its debut right here, right now. If you're partial to icky deadsters and the girls who love them, we've got a project in the works that will have you reaching for the last moldy bills in your rotting wallet.

Not long after seeing (and being thoroughly confused by) The Matrix, Rich did a quick little sketch at a local convention, which Steve turned into the neat little painting Woman in Black, which Bureau 13 impressario Nick Polotta acquired as the cover for his RPG sourcebook. Nick also commissioned what became one of our most popular paintings for his best-title-of-all-time novel, That Darn Squid God.

We were briefly involved with a nascent local RPG publishing community, and It's Only a Game was a result thereof. It's from our kitchen sink period, when Rich was drinking lots of coffee and composing with lots of fiddly little bits of detail, mostly to no good effect. You have to admit that's one heck of an alien dog, though. Steve painted this on acetate, which accounts for the somewhat subdued color values.

Spybabe was part of a commercial project for a game-related company, and it begs the question, why aren't a cetain percentage of women out there standing around like this more often?


To see nice big scans of the images from our Art Fantastix/F&L Gallery book, go to, click on Fantasy Art, and then Fastner & Larson.





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