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While there are several official pages worth of images for purchase as signed prints, if you find yourself hankering to add a high quality hard copy of one or more of our Gallery pics to your own personal museum of modern art, we're fine with that. All of the images on these pages are available as signed prints as well. Details can be found here.

Coming up in the Gallery: because we have little to no shame, a choice selection of fairly embarrassing fanzine and early advertising work. You may be surprised how far we haven't come!

Spank Nazi

Fairy Tails

Vampi Staircase
Bug Attack
Under the Influence
Higher Form of Killing
Plan 9
Toothy Worms
Star Dancers

XXXenophile Cards

Re: Spank Nazi, since we can't resist messing with success anyway, and since Nazis inevitably dress up any tableau (at least, any of our tableaux), we willingly inserted this Teutonic tormentor into our tried and true Forty Whacks scenario at the request of a private commissioner.

That nothing is beneath us here at F&L World HQ should be apparent from Fairy Tails, our scurrilous renditon of three of your most beloved uncopyrightable (suck it, DIS) heroines of children's literature, as ingeniously imagined by one of our private commissioners (don't tell us similar ideas -- and far worse -- haven't crossed your mind!)

Record labels come and apparently mostly go, but Metal Blade continues to be everybody's favorite independent purveyor of brain liquifying tuneage. Our paths crossed in the mid 80's and we ended up producing two album covers for Overkill, and three for Intruder, the first of which were Under the Influence and A Higher Form of Killing. (Compare the finished UtI with our original study...)

What a rich, stupid vein of source material Plan 9 from Outer Space is! It's hard to believe some marginally talented post modernist hasn't brought forth a remorselessly unfunny Dudley Manlove Adventures. (Note to selves: find out who holds the DM copyright.) Our Plan 9 (formally known as Here Lies Ed) originally appeared in our spicy undead compendium, Zombiesexual.

Stardancers (along with Tube Monster) was a promotional poster for the unproduced Star-Wars-like spec project of the same name. The posters still turn up from time to time.

Before the hugely successful and influential Girl Genius, there was the 180- degrees-the-other-way (but still unbelievably popular -- how does he do it? Devil worship? Phil?) XXXenophile, which spawned what must have been a pretty interesting RPG, for which we did this card art.


To see nice big scans of the images from our Art Fantastix/F&L Gallery book, go to, click on Fantasy Art, and then Fastner & Larson.





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