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Temple of Discipline

FF vs Black Bolt (study)


Will You Never Learn?

Book People
Huntress (study)

Apes 'n Nazis (study)

Spangled & Tangled

Some Enchanted Evening

Plan 9

Lady Rawhide vs Star Wolf

Dead North (study)

Maneater was done for one of SQP's Leather & Lace collections.

Spangled & Tangled is the back cover art (which was colorized by Steve in Photoshop) for Bed & Bondage 1.

Apes 'n Nazis is Steve's meticulously accurate study for a large privately commissioned painting.

Plan 9 is one of Steve's classic paintings for ZombieSexual. Ed Wood lives (and so does his dentist!)

Lady Rawhide vs Star Wolf was a study for a cover painting for Topps'  meticulously historical female Zorro-type comic book. How did this not catch on?




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