Update 5/10/15: Several of our most recently added originals have already been sold or are on hold.

We'll be adding new pieces -- such as In Deep, Enchanted and Goddess & Co., below -- often without warning -- so if you've been thinking about acquiring some F&L art, you might want to check back every now and then. You never know what might pop up...we certainly don't!

Update 4/9/15:
Seven new pencil originals on this page, plus eight more here and here! Many are studies for paintings from Tricks & Treats...these have gone fairly quickly in the past, so if you're in the buying mood, don't wait too long! (All of the original paintings in that book have been purchased from us, and are likely to be pricey if and when they become available.) 

Others are studies for private commission paintings, or for paintings for one of our other collections, such as Bed & Bondage.

efore he turns one of Rich's drawings into a painting, Steve usually does a study in color pencil. Like the finished paintings themselves, these studies are done over an optimized printout of the scanned pencil art.

They show Steve's thought processes as he works out the lighting -- and often a fair amount of the color -- he'll be using in the finished work. T
hey're pretty nifty in and of themselves, and you'll just have to trust us when we say that they're as close to getting inside his head as you're going to want to come. 

Sizes and prices are displayed when you click on the thumbnail.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have. We always endeavor to respond quickly and cheerfully, unless you're serving a subpoena:

(More detailed information about the purchasing process is available on our Shop page. Everything here is also available internationally, usually via Global Priority Mail.)

Hers is Bigger

In Deep
Forever My Girl


Rogue Rob

Ms Marvel

Goddess & Co.

Love Bite

Water Nymphs

Easter Buns


Butterfly Girl

Bombshell was a color study for one in a series of nose art type paintings.

Easter Buns, Hers is Bigger and Butterfly Girl are studies by Steve for paintings in Tricks & Treats.

Love Bite is a pencil drawing by Rich for a finished painting in Tricks & Treats.

Ms Marvel, Janet on the Runway and Fairy Tales are studies by Steve for privately commissioned paintings.

Rogue Rob is Steve's color pencil study for a private commission. Oh, to be living in North Am and dating Leeja Clane!



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