We're almost positive Uncle Creepy and Cousin Eerie had to be sequestered at the opposite end of the Warren Publications dining hall from Little Miss "Oops-I-fell-out-of-my-Draculonian-spacetogs-again!". Or maybe we're thinking too much. See "Vampi & the Boys", below.

Prints are $10 each. Shipping and handling for up to five prints is $5. Buy six or more prints, and we pick up the S & H. We ship by Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. More info about the purchasing process is available on our Shop page.


Girls' Club

Eel 'n Toes


Bob & Carol & Alice & Ted

Lock & Key

Vampi & the Boys


Flowers of Evil

Southern Belle

Surprise Package

End Game

Prints are still available of any image from any of our Originals and Gallery pages, and of most of the images in our books as well.

Most prints are Epson inkjets on glossy photo paper (these need to be handled with the same care as any photograph); a very few are litho. Each print is temporarily tipped onto a sheet of black display stock for easy handling, and ensconced in its own protective sleeve. Each print is signed by both Steve and Rich. Print runs are not limited, but are certainly going to be less than 500 per image.

We'll be adding prints from time to time (and what is time, really, other than a nebulous philosophical construct?), so check back to see if the image you want has become available--or email us with your request:



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